As I sat there writing my previous post, I was recovering from my latest glutening.  For anyone that hasn’t heard the term before, “glutening” or being “glutened” refers to any time I’ve accidentally eaten or had my food cross-contaminated with gluten.  I had gone almost a full month without any accidents, yet here I am laying in pain on the couch.  For those of you that are new to the disease, it happens to all of us!  It doesn’t matter how careful you are, or how long you’ve been doing this.  Sometimes things just work out for the worst.

How did I get glutened?  Believe it or not, by eating a gluten free lärabar!  Yesterday marked my first day training for a half marathon with Team in Training, and I’d made myself a delicious veggie omelet when I got home.  My lunch was a helping of leftover sauteed vegetables, and I’d packed two lärabars in my purse just in case.  My husband and I were out visiting the DC Auto Show when I started to get hungry.  Knowing I couldn’t last until dinner, I pulled out one of the lärabars to hold me over.  The last time we’d gone grocery shopping, I picked up the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor (labeled gluten free) because they just looked too good to resist.  I can’t remember the last time I was able to actually enjoy cookie dough!  I had never tried that flavor before, but eagerly opened it as we waited in line to ride a Jeep through an off road course.

About thirty minutes later as we wandered through the luxury car exhibits, some of my initial reactions started to show up.  We each have our own unique reactions which we’ve come to know and hate.  Immediately I knew I’d been glutened, and having not eaten anything else within four hours of the lärabar, it was the only explanation.  After a rough car ride home, I made myself comfortable on our couch for the long haul.  Problem is, I typically lose my appetite when I’m glutened, and I hadn’t had dinner yet.  Gluten makes me feel so awful that it takes a while to get my appetite back.  Knowing I won’t recover any faster if I starve myself, I usually try to find something that’s very bland and settles my stomach.

I’ve since sent an email to the company to find out what’s changed, or how they source their ingredients that could have caused my reaction.  So  far they’ve been responsive and are looking into the production of the bar.  I’ll certainly let you all know what I find out.  I’d like to open this up for comments and thoughts since I’m starting to get some regular readers.  What is the one food you crave or the only thing you can stomach when you’ve been glutened?

For me, it’s plain white rice. Nothing special, but to me it has the same stomach settling effect as plain toast when you were sick as a kid (pre-celiac of course!).

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