I love watching games as much, if not more, than the next person.  But nothing truly beats going to a game in person!  While visiting a good friend in Boston this past weekend, we had the incredible experience of visiting TD Garden to catch a Celtics game.  It struck me that a blog post on surviving a trip to stadiums and arenas would be the perfect topic for this week!  Part of the game experience is getting to indulge in foods you don’t normally get to eat.  Thankfully, many stadiums are making the effort now to offer some sort of gluten free options.

TD Garden

Celtics Game at TD Garden

Celtics Game at TD Garden

Enjoying the view from our seats!

Enjoying the view from our seats!

After searching around online, we figured out that there was at least one option for me.  Unfortunately, the TD Garden website wasn’t that much help, and I tracked down most information from comments and blogs online.  Relieved that I wouldn’t have to bring something with me, we tracked down Guest Services as soon as we were inside.  They were very helpful, and directed me to two separate concessions that could offer gluten free menu options.  I can’t speak to the second stand, but the stand closest to our seats had caesar salad or turkey wraps.  After grilling the staff behind the stand about where the wraps are made, whether or not the wraps were gluten free, and any question I could think of, I got myself a turkey wrap.  It was pretty expensive, but I guess that’s to be expected from any food at a special event.

Nationals Park

Game time at Nationals Park

Game time at Nationals Park

Although we haven’t been since early fall, Nationals Park is my favorite stadium to visit.  Not only do they have a completely gluten free concession stand, but they also offer gluten free soft pretzel sticks!!  I can not put into words how much I look forward to those pretzels each baseball season.  It’s always been a weakness of mine, and to find them gluten free was absolutely amazing!  The concession stand carries all the standard baseball favorites (hot dogs, chilli cheese dogs, nachos, and popcorn), plus they’ve even got Red Bridge Beer so you can enjoy your beer with everyone else 🙂

Lesson #1: Do the research before you go, make sure you’ll be okay if you don’t bring your own snacks to a game.  If the website doesn’t have gluten free options listed, call customer service.  If you still can’t figure out whether there are safe options, be prepared to bring your own food!

Lesson #2: Every stadium has some sort of guest services office, stop in to ask for help if you can’t find your way to a safe concession stand.  That’s what they’re there for!

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