Why I didn’t weigh myself after Whole30

Normally I’m so excited to see how successful I am with each whole30 challenge, but this time was different. Maybe it’s because life is much more hectic with a child, or the fact that it led right up to the thanksgiving holiday, perhaps it was having to solo parent the last week. The reason doesn’t really matter, because I got exactly the result I was hoping for. As my latest whole30 ended, I realized I fit into EVERY pre pregnancy pair of jeans! That’s right, I can get every last pair on AND zipped without any awkward muffin top spilling over. I haven’t a clue exactly how much weight I’ve lost, but that one simple fact made all of my meal prep and healthy eating worth it. Now I’m sure I probably gained a tad back enjoying thanksgiving pies, but I didn’t overindulge, and I’m still wearing those pre pregnancy jeans 😊

As the Christmas holiday nears, it’s crazy to think how much life has changed this past year. We were reminiscing over dinner tonight about those early days with our son where it seemed like we never had time to cook, clean, get groceries, or breathe! Now we’re in a routine that keeps us mostly on track with healthy eating, and I’m even getting to the gym on a regular basis! Unless of course we’re woken up in the middle of the night to the awful cries of teething pain. If you’re struggling and stressed adjusting to life with a little one, or entering a new phase of your own, please let me be your reminder that you’re doing a GREAT job, you aren’t alone, and it does get better. Cheers to a happy holiday season ❤️

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