GF Tools

Smartphone Apps

Scan Avert: Quickly scans the UPC code of foods and compares it to their database of ingredients.  You can customize the app for multiple dietary restrictions.

Gluten Free Near Me: Searches for restaurants with gluten-free menus near your phone’s location.


Gluten Free Girl and the Chef:

Gluten Dude:

Great Finds

Triumph Dining Cards: Featured in my blog entry, Can’t Live Without It! these are a great resource for breaking the language barriers while you’re traveling, out at a restaurant, or staying in a hotel to explain your needs.

Open Table: Featured in my blog entry, Columbia Firehouse.  I’ve used the site for a long time, but recently discovered the feature to save “special requests” which are automatically sent to any reservation you make.  This helps notify the restaurant about your needs ahead of time.  Sometimes it’s tough to reach the right person when you’re calling, or they may be too busy to fully answer your questions.  This guarantees that the restaurant has your needs down on paper prior to ever setting foot inside!


Gluten Free Girl by Shauna James Ahern: Written by the blogger above, this book was everything I needed to make the transition and not feel so alone.  She covers everything from her personal experience, kitchen must-haves, and favorite recipes all wrapped in one.  I highly recommend this if you’re new to gluten free and need some help along the way!

125 Best Gluten-Free Bread Machine Recipes by Donna Washburn and Heather Butt: One of the first things I did after going gluten free was to invest in a bread machine (Cuisinart CBK-200) so we could make homemade bread.  I’m sure you’ve all tried the store bought options at some point.  They taste terrible, crumble on a sandwich, and typically are way too dense for my taste.  This book was great to find and try new recipes in the bread maker.  We’re always adapting things based on the flours we have in the house at the time.  I’ve never had a bad loaf from this book!

The Gluten-free Kitchen by Pamela Moriarty: Truth be told, I’ve only had this a few weeks.  It was a birthday gift from co-workers, but we’ve already tried the recipes and have gone through the entire book to find our next adventure.  Reader beware, this book is NOT for beginner chefs.  Imagine a really unique meal you’d try out at a restaurant, those crazy unique recipes are exactly what you’ll find in this book!

I am always open to new suggestions, if you have anything you’d like me to share please let me know!

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